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Interesting Facts About Bipolar Disorder (from the DSM IV)

by lackofsolidity on December 7, 2010

Average age of onset is 20 years old. The first episode in males is more likely to be a Manic Episode, and the number of Manic Episodes is more likely to meet or exceed the number of Major Depressive Episodes. A female’s first episode is more likely to be a Major Depressive Episode, and it […]

Isolation – my story

by lackofsolidity on October 12, 2010

Isolation. There is little doubt that this is a significant factor in the development and maintenance of mental illness. “You keep patients from isolating, because isolation is what has made them sick and, if allowed to continue, isolating will make problems more difficult.” (pg. 138 of Divided Minds: Twin Sisters And Their Journey Through Schizophrenia […]