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How many people in the US are depressed at any time? What percent of the US population experiences depression or other mood disorder in their lives? The number is big and growing. The National Institutes of Health answers the question in their posting on The Numbers Count: Mental Disorders in America. Gary Greenberg is a […]

Book Review: Hurry Down Sunshine by Michael Greenberg

by lackofsolidity on October 12, 2010

This story is told through the eyes of a father whose daughter is struck with psychosis. Her episode occurs at the early onset of age 15. She is tentatively given the label of ‘Bipolar I’, but doctors think it is still too soon in her life to serve a definitive diagnosis. The author is very […]

Not just bipolar, not just schizophrenic: schizoaffective. Lori, one of the authors, starts hearing voices and hallucinating in her preteens. She knows something might be wrong, but isn’t sure what. At one time she even believes that she must be possessed. She’s able to hide her “voices” and extreme moods fairly well until her late […]

Book Review: Manic by Terri Cheney

by lackofsolidity on October 12, 2010

This book does a good job of putting you front-and-center in the life of a manic depressive. The author was formerly a successful lawyer that had to fight and hide her shocking depressive and manic episodes. She was driven to uncontrollable behaviors such as eating raw cooking materials like flour and baking soda. In her […]

Book Review: Madness by Marya Hornbacher

by lackofsolidity on October 12, 2010

Bipolar 1 at it’s finest. Marya dialogues her life, especially that as it is enveloped by her disease. Throughout her existence she is continually in motion, in and out of manic, depression, mixed, and various other extreme episodes. She’s harbored all the bad behaviors – at their worst – to “cope”: alcoholism, eating disorders, self-injury, […]

Book Review: Voluntary Madness by Norah Vincent

by lackofsolidity on October 12, 2010

This book gives good insight into the differences of treatment and services provided in various mental health facilities in the U.S. Also, the author analyzes mental illness, hers included (depression), to exhaustion. Her writing is straight-forwarded and piercingly honest. This memoir is interesting in that it can make us more aware of specifically how the […]