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by lackofsolidity on October 25, 2010

We are updating our website

We are in the process of converting the content from our old website into the format of our new website. This is a page from our old website that will be edited and updated shortly.

We welcome your input on how to improve this page. Please send us your comments, corrections, additions and suggestions.

Resources – Old Site


American Psychiatric Association 202-682-6220

American Psychological Association    800-374-2721

Advocacy Center   800-342-0823

Child & Adolescent Bipolar Foundation    847-256-8525

DBSA-California 909-780-3366

National Association for the Dually Diagnosed   800-331-5362

National Depression and Bipolar Support   800-326-3632

National Family Caregivers Association   301-942-6430

National Foundation for Depressive Illnesses   800-248-4344

National Institute of Mental Health   800-421-4211

Panic Disorder Line    800-64PANIC = 800-647-2642

Anxiety Disorder Line   888-826-9438

National Mental Health Association   800-989-6642

Confidential depression screening