Meeting Notes: August 31, 2011

by Bruce on August 31, 2011


DBSA California Conference 2011 “What the world needs now.” October 14-15, 2011 in San Jose, CA


Where to find information about medications:  Medline Plus (consumers), PubMed (clinicians), NIH Mental Health Medications Questions to ask your doctor

From the Question Bag:

What’s the difference between Bipolar I and Bipolar II?

– It’s hard to remember specifics about psychotic breakdowns I’ve had.  Is this normal?

– What do you feel is the hardest aspect of having your illness?

– For those on medication, how many different meds did you have to try before you found the right one?

– Explain “mixed states”.

– Will there ever be a med you can take with minimal or no side effects?

– How do you deal with it when people say, “You’re crazy!”?  At what point should I just give up and say, “Forget it!  They just don’t understand.“?

– Typically, how long do the “right meds” last before there is the need to change them?  Is there a “cycle”?

– What is your response to the term, “treatment resistant”?

– I have been “warned” by some that by getting involved ina aserious relationship with some who is BP, that I will turn into a “caregiver”.  Is this so?

– How do you gracefully detach from someone who is clinging on too tight?

– What illustration could you give to someone who is trying to understand your illness?