Meeting Notes: August 17, 2011

by Bruce on August 17, 2011


Lucid Interval “A Self-Management Guide for Bipolar Disorder”

Potatoes not Prozac:  Book on diet and mood.

Gronowski Clinic: – Mental health clinic with sliding-scale fees (Los Altos).

From the Question Bag:

– How do you tell the difference between what you’re capable of at a given time and poor choices – i.e. not getting out of the room, skipping class and work, etc.?

– Has anyone experienced getting mental health services without health insurance?

– How do you get yourself to think more positively when you always revert to negative thoughts?  People saying “Just deal with it.” is making it worse.

– Since you’ve accepted your diagnosis, has your perception of reality changed?  How?

– I am living alone for the first time in my life and am having difficulty keeping the house clean and tidy.  I’m not used to doing it all alone and don’t have the energy I once had.  Any suggestions?

– Is there a point when you say to your doctor, “I know you’re busy, but I still have some questions!”?

– Why do some folks have a psychaitrist and a therapist?  What’s the difference?

– How do you ignore what you’re feeling and get done what needs to be done?

– Have you felt discriminated against because of your illness?

– Can you treat depression with diet alone (nutrition)?