Meeting Notes – August 24, 2011

by Bruce on August 24, 2011

This evening we discussed the following during the Q&A session:

“Any advice on how to deal with feeling of denial and extreme frustration after your diagnosis?”

“I have a great difficulty in recognizing that I am “going down” in mood – it happens so gradually that I hardly notice until I’m in a bad place.   Do people have benchmarks or clues or signs to help you be more aware of your decline?”

“What sort of prevention plans are good to have in place before a depression, if you’re doing well and can do so?”

– “I am so used to my mood fluctuating dramatically – now that I’m on meds I feel blah and sometimes feel like I’m not in my body.  Has anyone experienced this?

–  “Any advice on how to talk with parents/family members about your diagnosis, knowing that they will most likely just deny the diagnosis?  Should I not tell them?”

“Does going out of your way to be “useful” aid in your own recovery?  Do you have any recent examples?”

“Any advice on how to break old negative behavior patterns?