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At almost every meeting we have a question in the Question Bag asking, “How do you take care of yourself?” Someone always recommends joining one or more support groups as among the most helpful self-care activities. There are numerous articles on the web and in the literature on mood disorders. Here are some that we’ve […]

How many people in the US are depressed at any time? What percent of the US population experiences depression or other mood disorder in their lives? The number is big and growing. The National Institutes of Health answers the question in their posting on The Numbers Count: Mental Disorders in America. Gary Greenberg is a […]

The National Institutes of Mental Health reported this week on the results of a small study that found an experimental medication that lifts depression symptoms in bipolar disorder within an hour. This possible wonder drug is ketamine. Ketamine is a veterinary and human anaesthetic that also happens to be an addictive dissociative psychedelic drug. The […]